On this page I will show you how and why you should get started using Tactical Arbitrage, how to set it up and optimise your product sourcing searches, how to take it to the next level and  much more. There's a handy Navigation section below which means you can skip to the section most relevant for you. 

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We couldn't manage our Amazon business without it, and I would love it if you were able to make your Amazon business a success with Tactical Arbitrage too.

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1. What Is Tactical Arbitrage And Why Do You Need It?

When I was a lad, the only way of doing online arbitrage was manually comparing products on an online store to the same product on Amazon. 

This is clearly time consuming because of the amount of variables you'd need to check, including:

  • Is the product in the online store even on Amazon?
  • Is the sales rank of the product good enough?
  • Is the sales rank over time (e.g. 90 day average sales rank) good enough (this is where you are checking Keepa graphs and CamelCamelCamel)
  • Is there a price difference (arbitrage opportunity) big enough to make it worthwhile?
  • Is the price difference over time (e.g. 90 day average price) enough to make it worthwhile (this is where you are checking Keepa graphs and CamelCamelCamel again)
  • Are there too many sellers on the listing?
  • Is the minimum profit and return on investment high enough to make it worthwhile//

​There are more, but I didn't want to make this whole page just a long list. The above is enough to make the point, I hope that you'll agree.

2016 saw the ​introduction of sourcing software to automate much of this process, and Tactical Arbitrage has established itself as arguably the most popular and most powerful of those out there. 

What Tactical Arbitrage does is automatically run through the products in an entire online store, or a specific page or category from an online store,  check those products against those listed in Amazon, and do all of the things in that annoying list above for you.

​So you can tell TA to only return products that fit the criteria that you need it to. And because TA isn't you, it can do it a hell of a lot faster and more effectively than you can (no offense, but you know it's true).

​So suddenly we were able to laser target profitable products that we had a high certainty that we could sell at a profit, within timescales that fit our business model and we were able to build a profitable inventory. Scaling our Amazon business suddenly became a lot easier. As we get through the more advanced sections on the page I will show you additional methods of becoming more efficient using Tactical Arbitrage that can take your product sourcing to the next level and scale even faster.

2. How To Sign Up For & Navigate Inside Tactical Arbitrage

3. How To Do A Product Search & Set Up Filters

4. How To Do A Reverse Search

5. How To Review The Results

6. How To Adjust Your TA Settings To Be More Effective

7. How To Organise Your Product Sourcing

8. Advanced TA Product Sourcing

9. How To Outsource Your TA Product Sourcing