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Ultimate Amazon Seller Training 

I Will Train You How To Make Money Selling On Amazon

Do you want a second income?

Do you want a new first income?

I wanted to free myself from my "day job" and became a successful Amazon seller. I buy products online, send them into Amazon and they sell them for me. It took me two years to get to the position where I could be full time online. I've created this course based on that experience to help you do that in half the time.

  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Over 20 separate Amazon seller training courses
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Aimed at people who have never sold on Amazon, those who have just got started & more establised sellers
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    3 Chrome extensions included to help with your product sourcing and selling

Currently only $67 per month. Will soon go up to $97 per month

Hire Your Own Product Sourcing Virtual Assistant

Virtual Online Arbitrage Training Program

Do you need more profitable products to sell on Amazon?

Do you find you don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done?

My Virtual Assistant product sourcing training will solve both of those big problems. 

Not only will it train your VA step by step how to manually product source or use sourcing software, or both, but it will also show you exactly how to hire and manage your VA.

  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Your own Client Hub with training & resources showing you how to hire your VA
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Register your VA on the product sourcing training & monitor their progress
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Training has been specially designed to show your VA step by step how exactly they should work

Profitable Products to Sell On Amazon

Let Me Email You Products You Can Buy Online To Sell For A Profit

Myself and my team of Virtual Assistants are experts at sourcing profitable products to sell on Amazon.

I provide a service where you can subscribe to receive in your inbox a minimum of 5 products per day that you can purchase online and sell on Amazon.

I also provide occasional one off special lists.

  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Minimum set net profit & ROI
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    All products are in ungated categories & checked for brand restrictions
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Only a limited number of each list are available to prevent saturation

Buy Box Checker Pro

This Chrome Extension Will Help You Make More Amazon Sales

Many Amazon sellers fail because they are not taking the right kind of action to make as many product sales as possible

Amazon provide you with some of the information you need, but the Buy Box Checker Pro Chrome Extension is the missing piece of the jigsaw.

It shows you what % of your products have the buy box

The current buy box price

Your current selling price

You could be missing out on sales because you are just a few pence or cents higher

  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Run the Buy Box Checker Pro on your Amazon storefront
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    BBC Pro shows you exactly which of your products do and do not have the Buy Box, and how far out your price is
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    BBC Pro stores your search results so you can track your progress over time and set yourself targets to make more sales

Speed Up Your Product Sourcing 

Simple But Effective Product Searching

Arbitrage Buddy Chrome Extension

Copying and pasting product names into Amazon may not seem like a time drainer but believe me, over time it adds up. 

Arbitrage Buddy Chrome Extension means that you just need to highlight what you are searching for, right click your mouse then pick Amazon, Keepa, Camel or Google, and it goes and opens up a tab with that product.

Sometimes simple is all you need!

  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Quick & easy install  
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Set which country's Amazon, Keepa, Camel and Google you want to search
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Save a lot of time & find profitable products faster!


3 Month Price & Rank Averages

FREE Chrome Extension puts the average 3 month price & rank data right on the Amazon product page

To speed up my product sourcing and to make smarter buying decisions, I created the AZ 90 Day Chrome extension that puts the average 90 day price and rank and the category directly onto the Amazon product page. 

This can help you avoid products that have an current unusually high price, and also not miss out on products that are normally priced higher.

  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Simple installations
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Requires the free Keepa extension to be installed to work
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Improve & speed up your product sourcing decision making

Free Guides


Make Money Selling On Amazon Guide

This Ultimate How To Sell On Amazon Quick Start Guide Will Get You Up & Running 

It can be overwhelming when you want to start making money selling on Amazon.

  • 1
    You need to know how to set up your account
  • 2
    You need to know how selling on Amazon works
  • 3
    You need to know how to prepare your products to send them in to Amazon for them to sell them for you

And that's just the beginning!

Let me free How To Sell On Amazon Guide take you step by step through the who process.

  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Designed to get you up and running very quickly
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Screenshots showing you what to do
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Includes how to prep and ship your products to Amazon so that they meet Amazon's requirements


Need To Find More Products To Sell On Amazon? 

3 Product Sourcing Hacks That You Probably Didn't Even Know Existed 

Find more profitable products to sell on Amazon can be tough.

That's why successful Amazon sellers come up with new ways to product source.

In this guide I share with you 3 ways of finding products that I'm pretty sure you didn't know anything about.

Well, at least 2 of them should be new to you!

I've never shared these before, but they expand your sourcing options significantly, and are unlikely to get saturated.

They include:

  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Wishlist Wizardry  
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Virtually Vital
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Flippin' Crazy


Ultimate Guide To Your Own Product Sourcing Virtual Assistant

FREE step by step guide that will help you transform your Amazon Business

I tried and failed several times when I was hiring Virtual Assistant's to do my product sourcing. 

Through this trial and error I was able to put together this guide where I show you everything you need to do to get it right.

Hiring a product sourcing VA was probably the single best thing I did to grow my Amazon business.

Let me show you how.

  • Products | Dan Ashton
    What NOT to do if you want to succeed
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Examples of VA job adverts to help you get the best possible applicants
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Step by step with screenshots how and where to hire your VA


Let Me Show You How to Legitimately Hack the Buy Box 

Make more sales on Amazon without buying more stock

Split into 3 parts my free guide will:

  • 1
    Explode some myths about the Buy Box that everyone takes for granted
  • 2
    Show you how to get more buy box action
  • 3
    Provide a step by step guide to making more sales with your existing stock

Once you have implemented this technique it's something you can repeat every week to make more sales.

  • Products | Dan Ashton
    Understanding how the Buy Box works can help you get more of it
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    How you need to run your Amazon account to get more Buy Box action
  • Products | Dan Ashton
    How to make more sales as quickly as today

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