​In my latest blog post I walk you through how to make more Amazon sales within 24 hours (or even quicker)

Step by step with screenshots and arrows and everything

A process you should be following regularly to take more control over the success of your Amazon business​


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This is a site aimed at helping you identify key areas of your online business where you can make changes that will increase your sales, your revenue, and your profit. 
It is mainly Amazon FBA focused, but I'm also going to be sharing multi income stream solutions

Dan Ashton

About me

We all have different reasons for wanting to succeed online. Mine is "freedom". Not necessarily to be super rich, but the financial freedom to live where I want and not to have any financial worries.

I'm originally from the North East of England, and now live on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca with my wife and kids, working from home and looking out the window at the blue skies quite a lot.

I am 100% online, with a thriving Amazon FBA business (which my wife now runs), this website and several other online businesses. I don't sit around by the pool all day, I love what I do too much, and I also love sharing how I do it with nice people like you.

Free eBook - How To Achieve Amazon Buy Box Success

I've only gone and written a free eBook with tips and tricks on everything Amazon Buy Box related. It's not too long, and it's got nice pictures in it, so it's even more interesting than it sounds!

If you are serious about growing your business and getting ahead of your competition, you NEED to take action ASAP. This book will show you how. You can download it here: Amazon Buy Box Success

Amazon Sales Rank Charts - Updated Every Day!

The only Amazon sales rank charts that are updated automatically every single day, so you can be sure of their accuracy. Available for the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy & France (sorry Canada. I'm working on it). You can see them all here.

Resources &  Tools Guide

A guide to pretty much everything I use to run my various online businesses, Amazon and otherwise (actually maybe not everything, the pdf would become an eBook if it was absolutely everything). You'll now about some of these resources, but I'm pretty sure there'll be some that you've never heard of. You can download the Resources & Tools guide here.

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