Source More Profitable Products That Actually Sell by Using This FREE Chrome Extension

Do you buy products where the sales rank has tanked by the time to get them to Amazon? AZ 90 Day shows you how to avoid that

Do you pass on products because you think there's no profit in them? AZ 90 Day tells you the truth. Also - Amazon flip anyone?

If like me you find that some products won't sell for the price you need them to, AZ 90 Day will help you avoid artificially high snapshot prices

Just install the extension, and it will automatically show you the 90 day averages when you load your next Amazon product page. You will need to have the free Keepa Chrome extension installed also.

Key Points About AZ 90 Day

  • Works in conjunction with Keepa so you need the free Keepa Extension installed
  • Tells you the lowest average 90 price between Amazon and New sellers
  • AZ 90 Day works on and
  • If Keepa doesn't know the data, AZ 90 Day won't show it
  • Works best on products without variations - so doesn't do great on shoes or clothes
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