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What Other People Are Saying......

I FREAKIN LOVE YOU DAN - UP 1541% from previous 30 days and 2567% from Last year. Dan keeps it real and actually answers to all your questions - TAKE THE COURSE AND TAKE ACTION.

Dan literally holds your hand throughout the process so if you mess up Dan WILL come through and help (if he can) don't be a douche tho and just only ask for things - get involved in the community and learn with the group.

Going to check on the VA course now so i can really grow for 2018-2019

Park Jay

Amazon Seller, Canada

Dan has always been someone I respect and have learned a great deal from, he is one of the very few who actually responds to all my messages and queries which makes the world of difference to me and restores my faith in humanity


Thank you Dan and keep up the excellent work

Emmanuel Da Silva

Amazon Seller, UK

I have just finished training a new VA using Dan's Virtual Online Arbitrage system. Or should I say the course has just finished training the VA!

Very good course and really works well the VA understood everything and already started to find good leads for me. I think very soon I will have paid for the course from her finds.

Carl Sears

Amazon Seller & Creator of

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